Collecting Coins & Currency

USA & Foreign Coins how to start your collection

Welcome to starting your own coin and currency collection. As you know there are a wide variety of coins throughout the world from hundreds of years to collect. I would recommend focusing on just two coin types to start so you don't get over whelmed.

We will pick two that will allow you to see why we feel this is the why start collecting. We have picked the US Morgan Silver Dollars and the US Lincoln Penny. These are two different types to begin with. The Morgan Silver dollar will change in price more often as it is tied to the silver market. The advantage is silver and gold have been going up over the last twenty years. We all hope that the increase will continue as many speculate that silver will be at $40 an once by 2035. 

morgan silver dollar lot

Pictured above are a lot of Morgan Silver Dollars in varied grades and on the right is a graded Morgan Silver Dollar in MS-63 (Uncirculated or Mint State)

When starting out you will see that a graded coin is generally $20-100 more than an ungraded coin. The grading services first allows you to know that the coin is genuine or a real one. Many copy coins or fakes are out in the market. When buying a higher dollar coin you may want to locate a graded coin from a top named coin service over a raw coin.

more to come on this exciting article of collecting coins and currency...

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